Superfoods – Herbs, spices and flowers to enhance and enrich your body mind and spirit.

We have used potent superfoods, herbs, spices and flowers to keep you functioning to your highest potential, we at Feed The Soul use these special high grade foods everyday and we feel the best ever and we want you to be happy and well too.

Here we have put together some information to help you understand and to see which super food are best suited to you.

Commonly used in Ayurveda medicine this Indian root is an adaptogen, which helps to relive stress. Works deeply your nervous system, will protect you from the negative energy and will help to improve sleep. Take any time of day when you feel you need it the most.

Bee pollen
Come from our beautiful friends the bees and flowers, it is alkaline food rich in amino acids, full of bioavailable proteins and b vitamins. Enhances beauty great for building muscles and a sexy aphrodisiac.

Black pepper
Helps aid indigestion, gives us an excellent source of manganese, vitamin k, copper, iron and calcium. An invigorating spice to keep us alive and kicking.

High in antioxidants, a beauty food, low glycaemic so a great for low sugar alternative. It is also rich in vitamin k, b and c and high in fibre and copper.

Is one of the most prised and most loved supfood. It is what we call pure chocolate. It fills our bodies with joyful endorphin and boosts our mood and hormones. High in antioxidants, nourishes the nervous system, sparks up your libido, full of manganese to heal all our muscles. Whooooo we love this one!!!

Calendula flowers
Wonderfully healing for the skin helps relive eczema, wounds, bruises and insect bites. Full of antioxidants and a fantastic flower to help you dream.

One of the most romantic spice, used for thousands of years in food preparation, especially in Indian food. Usually used in more sweet dishes, we like to add it to chai flavours. It is rich in minerals and a sexy aphrodisiac.

The king of all mushrooms protects us from DNA damage, slows the sign of ageing, promotes hair growth, strengthens eyes and helps to make our skin glow. Strengthens our nervous system and adrenals. Helps to take you to a high place of consciousness. Promote longevity. Should be taken everyday, as it is so awesome!!! Add to hot chocolate, coffee, smoothies and elixirs.

Chia seeds
Great source of fats contains omega 3, protein, fibre and antioxidants. Helps to detox the body and helps our digestive system. Promotes hair, nail growth keeps our skin glowing. Stimulates our brain keeping it active.

One of our favourite spice, its so fragrant and smells so warm. Helps to heat the whole body and lowers our blood sugar, soothes the organs, great anti inflammatory.

Dates are fabulous sweetener. It is rich in essential nutrients such as calcium, amino acids and iron and high in fibre. It fuels the body with energy. A naturally caramel in flavour we love to mix them in our granola, elixirs, hot chocolates, fill them with nut butter and blend them into our plant milks.

Known as one of the most prised essential oils. It has the most extraordinary health benefits supporting healthy cellular function, promotes relaxation and reduces the appearance of skin imperfections. Has been used for centuries in religious ceremonies making this oil our favourite oil!

Fennel seeds
Sweet and anise in flavoured. Ha been used for thousands of years especially in Indian cooking. A great digestive, gives us strength, longevity and courage. Packed full of copper, zinc,

A super nutrient fruit and gives a wonderful maple like flavour. It is a great alternative sweetener to use in smoothies, cakes, chocolates and elixirs. Contains beta-carotene, iron, zinc, vitamin B3, calcium, and protein. It supports skin health and digestion.

A potent plant simulates the lymph system and boosts our immune system. Helps to relive arthritis, minimises skin problems and inflammatory. Highly detoxifying, rich is flavoured and iron.

Pink salt
Himalayan pink salt works as an active electrolyte, it helps aid digestion and transports amino acids to the blood stream. Hugely detoxing.

The most beautiful flower of all, promotes love and sex drive. Helps to reduce skin imperfections, gives you a uplifting feeling.

A warming golden spice used in Indian cooking and medicine. Cleanses the liver, and blood. A great anti inflammatory. Helps the body digest fata and helps relives depression.

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